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How We Love

This space has always been about vulnerability. About allowing ourselves to be seen.   And what is more vulnerable than allowing another person to see you, more closely and clearly than any others will. Someone who sees you for you, and loves you still.  This photoblog explores 3 love stories. 6 love letters which hold within them the beauty of loving another person - each in their own unique and stunning way.
With love.

To my dearest Gem It seems unlikely that I will ever adequately compress my feelings into words - both for you and for this wild world we live in. My mind is a storm; I run for shelter and am left wanting Thus if I try to describe in a short letter like this one, the wonderful complexities and beautiful intricacies of our relationship, I will surely fail!
And yet, when I am with you, I do not have to.  I am not required to describe anything.  Without a word, I am understood. In this space, I am aware of a simple truth: you see me -  as I am, less my constructed masks & fa…

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